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Kettler Strength Multi Gym (Black)

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# Kettler Strength Multi Gym (Black)

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Deskripsi Kettler Strength Multi Gym (Black)

  • The KETTLER Multi Gym is one of our newest multigyms. Its our middle of the range machine, and caters for every muscle building training technique, features include a butterfly, seated bench press, seated crunches, latissimus rope frame, lower pulley for arm and leg exercises, rowing and leg curl.
  • Butterfly, Bench press seated, Crunches seated, Latissimus rope frame, Lower pulley for leg and arm exercises, Rowing, Leg extension, Leg curl are all available
  • Weight stack 5 – 80kg (16 x 5kg)
  • Adjustable bench press unit
  • Adjustable butterfly arms
  • Easy change from bench press to butterfly without the need to adjust
  • Padded seat, adjustable in height
  • Plastic coated steel ropes
  • Maximum weight 80kg
  • Max user weight 130kg
  • Dimension when set up (L x W x H cms) 181 /109 /200


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