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Kettler Bike Giro C3 (Black)

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# Kettler Bike Giro C3 (Black)

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Deskripsi Kettler Bike Giro C3 (Black)

  • Active at home with all the family
  • There are ten programmes to choose from for a customised workout, offering the perfect training for each family member. The 4-person user memory allows for storage of each user’s training data.
  • Easy menu navigation means that each athlete will find the right programme quickly and can start a personal, targeted routine.


  • Castors and floor levellers Yes
  • Handlebars U-shaped handlebar
  • Holder for tablet PCs, smartphones & Co. Yes
  • Quick adjustment of seat height Yes
  • Seat Comfortable fitness seat
  • Self-uprighting pedals with strap Yes
  • Water bottle holder Optionally available

Types of training

  • Available training programmes with profiles 6 profiles and one freely configurable profile per user
  • Display of personal heart rate zones Yes. The current of a total of five heart rate zones is displayedduring training
  • Free training without settings (quick start) Quick start
  • Preselection option Training objectives (count-down training) for training time, training distance and calories/kJoules
  • Pulse rate-oriented training Yes. A training programme regulates the brake resistance towards a heart rate
  • Recovery pulse rate measurement with fitness mark (recovery test) Recovery test

Displayed values during training

  • Basic values displayed during training Training time, speed, distance, pedal rotations per minute, heart rate, energy consumption
  • Display of average values Yes (during training and after end of training)
  • Display of current brake level (“the currently selected gear”) Yes
  • Display of current performance Performance indicator included

Available training modes

  • Manual training (MANU) rpm-dependent: The user selects a brake level (“the gear”)

Menu navigation and user settings

  • Available menu languages EN/DE/FR/NL/PL/RU/IT
  • Data that can be saved by individual users pers. data, pers. Training scope, last training session, one individual training profile
  • Number of storage spaces for user-specific training 4 users + guest
  • Using the machine Upstream menu for setting and retrieving user and training data

Housing, display, controls, pulse measurement

  • Display 117 x 86 mm LC display
  • Housing High-quality, sweat resistant plastic housing with acrylic glass front, approx. 175 x 200 mm
  • Operation Central rotary and push element plus 2 buttons
  • Pulse measurement using hand pulse sensors or a chest belt (included)
  • Tilt setting Yes, optimised viewing angle for any body height

Quality of the drive and brake system

  • Brake system Induction brake system
  • Drive system Ribbed belt
  • Flywheel mass 8 kg
  • Gear ratio 1:8
  • Tread quality index 6.2
  • Workout range 15 brake levels (gears) controlled via display


  • Interface to external media (KETTLER World Tours, KettMaps, …) KettMaps APP via Headtracking function

Technical Data

  • Device classification in accordance with DIN EN 957 Class HB
  • Dimensions when set up L / W / H in cm (approx.) 105/60/136
  • Max. weight load 130 kg
  • Power supply Power connection (230 V)





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